SNS x Reebok “Walking” Capsule



Clay Animation Campaign by Kazi and PRTND Studios

The SNS “Walking” capsule builds on a trend sparked in the early ‘90s when outdoor activities took off and inspired a whole generation to go out and about. With Reebok’s “Boundless” collection from 1991 to the Planet Reebok campaign, the rich heritage speaks throughout each piece. Spearheaded by a pair of premium Reebok Classic Leather and its updated Classic Leather Legacy predecessor, features an SNS selection of clothing that nod to the sporty elegance of these early adventurers. Led by the SNS Sherpa Fleece Sweatshirt made from upscale Italian fabric with a subtle embroidered SNS patch.

The capsule drop also includes two retro Poly Trackpant in black and brown, a leading garment in sportswear in the early ‘90s. Concluded by a classic SNS Long-Sleeve Tee with signature graphics, the collection comes to life in partnership with LA-based clay-motion animator and musician Kazi to tie into the collaboration’s outdoor-inspired walking story that became a global movement.

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