SNEAKER XP (S-X) is a footwear aggregator and experiential lifestyle retailer. – Not just another sneaker marketplace!

Born out of the desire to change the buying experiences associated with sneaker shopping, product releases and access, our mission is to innovate and connect the global sneaker marketplace both online and in-store as a one-stop destination for the sneaker and “feetwear” consumer. (Footwear + Streetwear = Feetwear)

Powered by a passionate team and data-driven aggregation technology, SNEAKER XP (S-X) connects users to a global network of authenticated and verified vendors who each provide a curated selection of sneakers from a range of brands so you can shop with confidence, seamlessly, and at the best price.

The goal is to connect the online and in-store sneaker retail experience and rekindle the emotive connection of sneaker shopping. We recognize that sneakers are more than just an item of clothing – for us, it’s the connection to a culture, identity, location, or period in our lives.

Thank you for your time


Kerwin & Jephthe

Kerwin Alabi

A passionate product developer from London (who actually met his co-founder Jephthe in a sneaker store) started SNEAKER XP as a way to account for his sneaker shopping sprees!

After working with several of the leading brands such as Adidas, Puma, and Nike on a range of commercial activations he was able to see first-hand the consumer connection these brands had with consumers.

Focusing on this he built the product around transparency and access ensuring the platform served as more than a place to source and buy products but also as a place to be informed and connect with the products both pre and post release.

Jephthe St. Lot

A sneaker aficionado who was the general manager at one of South Florida’s staple sneaker retailers Soles Inc (which was acquired by Snipes) for 8 years. He was responsible for opening 4 additional locations to the Miami Beach flagship location he first started at in 2009.

After seeing the explosive growth in sneaker culture and the onset of the post release marketplace he decided he wanted to bring the element of in store customer experience and community he had built while running his stores to the online space and he sees SNEAKER XP as a great opportunity to fulfil this.