SNS X ASICS NOVABLAST ™ with Veneda Carter



“I’m really looking for proportions, color and different textures. It’s all like an art for me, so it all has to go well together.”

Given the opportunity to work on a women’s performance shoe, we decided to run things differently. Together with ASICS, we designed an ASICS women’s performance shoe from a lifestyle angle. Because taking care of yourself is as much about finding comfort in your everyday life, as staying active. The SNS X ASICS NOVABLAST ™ sneaker is an easy to match running shoe designed to wear not only while training, but something to wear every day.

We teamed up with LA-based stylist and creative, Veneda Carter, to drill you with inspiration. Polish blood, Copenhagen born, Veneda embodies the ethos of the shoe with her creativity and style. With great influence in both fashion and streetwear, and an outspoken love for ASICS runners – Veneda exemplifies how to combine fashion and functionality with the SNS X ASICS NOVABLAST ™ in the video below.

“I keep my mind strong by surrounding myself around positive people, positive energy, and surrounding myself around love. People who I love and people who show me love.”

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